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Lvel Check is a cutting-edge music industry consulting A/R software/App which assists artists and groups with their recorded music, for an album, a film, advertisement or any other kind of creative project. There are online music producers, engineers, videographers for music videos who are responsible for listening and watching uploaded content to give feedback to creators.

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Before letting the world hear and see your music, let us help you get it ready!

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What Our Clients Say

Image by Gabriel Gurrola

“Just to be able to have another professional ear and eyes on my creation before releasing, is awesome.”

Gord Londen

Image by Chris Bulilan

“Easy as uploading, wait and receive great constructive criticism, and instructions how to make my music ready for the world .”

Titan Wolf

Image by Obafemi Moyosade

“This is incredible.  I can not wait to upload all my music and videos.  To be able to get a quote from Industry Giants about my music is fantastic”

Allan Miles